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All-In One Platform

Our industry is disorganized. There are a million tools out there available for agents and not one does everything that is needed. A big frustration that agents have is spending time doing things that technology should handle. We believe agents need ONE highly effective tool and everything should be integrated into a simple end to end platform. Recognizing this, we have spent the last 3 years building a solution. Today, our agent partners have a plug and play platform to run their business in that encompasses over 10 years of perfected systems into one piece of sophisticated technology.

Built With The Agent In Mind

Simply put our platform was built by agents for agents.  Not one detail was spared in the creation of this end to end platform.  Everything from the home screen to the dashboards was built so that our agents can effectively and easily manage their business. 

Database Management

We know your database is your lifeline.  So for our agents our platform keeps their sphere, their leads, their current/past clients organized in one clear place that they easily sort through

Integrated Agent Tools

Since we built our platform from the ground up we made sure to integrate all the tools an agent would need.  From our built-in dialer to our our sync with google calendar we have armed our agents with everything they need to stay within our platform.

Seamless Transactions

We’ve made it easy for our Agents to move their leads to clients and their clients to closings in our platform.  With a few clicks of a button pertinent data is collected and the platform starts the transaction process.

Instant In-Depth Reporting

Knowing where you are at in your business is key to making the right decisions.  Our platform provides on demand reporting in every facet of an agents business so that they know exactly were they are at in any given moment.

Built-In Support

Not only do our agents live in our end to end platform but so do all our support departments.  Whether its collaborating with your transaction manager or having an insides sales agents call on your behalf…all is done inside one piece of technology.

“When we set out to build our end to end platform we knew we couldn’t cut any corners or spare any detail.  We’ve spent thousands of hours designing and building a true piece of technology that makes our agents live’s easier.  We will continue to innovate so our agents spend less time doing backend work and more time with their clients.”

Andrew Cavazos | Director of Operations The Heyl Group


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