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Dedicated Support Staff

There is a huge lack of “real assistance” for agents in our industry. Most companies just focus on why you should leverage items in your business but then it is up to the agent to find, recruit, hire, train and manage the assistance they need. Because of that most agents never get the assistance they need and end up “burning out”.   We saw this as a problem and in order to fix it we gave our agents the support levers they need so they could skip the hassle of creating all of it themselves. Now our agents have support for their business on demand when they need it. 




Comprehensive Transaction Management

We’ve provided our agents support by doing all of the following on their behalf : inputting listings, gathering paperwork, calling for showing feedback, scheduling closings, keeping up with all parties involved and much more.  We’ve done this so they can take all energy they would have been using on those tasks and applying it directly to client care so they can deliver an amazing experience.

Centralized Conversion Team

We’ve built one of the top inside sales team in the nation and have given our agents access to use their services at any time.  Our agents simply select which leads they want called in our platform and our inside sales team calls on your behalf to nurture leads and set appointments for you.

Showing Assistance 

We’ve provided our agents with showing services to schedule and coordinate all their showings and even take clients out to view properties when they can’t.  This once again saves our agents valuable time. 

No More Lead Generation

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to generate hundreds of leads a month for our agents.  The leads are sent to one place that any agent can work to boost their business whenever they want.  In the background we are also warming these leads up with our centralized conversion team and our automated marketing.  We deliver appointments to our agents and we also help highlight which leads are most likely to buy or sell so our agents can connect with the highest quality leads. 

“Every day our support staff and Head Quarters think about one thing; how do we make our agent’s lives easier.  Its a question we have taken head on because we know the more time we can give back to our agents the more time they can spend with their clients.  We will continue to think of new ways to support our agents and provide support to their business.”


Jeremy Foster | C.O.O | The Heyl Group


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